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Red for danger by MagicOfSnow Red for danger by MagicOfSnow
I may not be an expert on Resident Evil, but I'm pretty sure of one thing. If you're a zombie, you definitely don't want to bump into these people. Especially the one in the middle. Don't be fooled by her beauty. Ada Wong will completely ruin your zombie day!

This is my edit of a nicely angled photo by Phoenix Chang featuring lovely cosplayer Vicky Tse :iconweki2926: (aka weki2926) and friends. The full photo was represented in Vicky's deviation Resident Evil 2-Ada Wong, but for my edit I wanted to crop things down for a more dramatic look, centred on Vicky and making her take up most of the image height, while still including the whole squad. To achieve this, one trooper had to take a hit for the team and lose the top of his helmet, but hey, he looks tough enough to me! I also cropped the sides quite closely, which was partly to aid my goal of creating more impact, but also to eliminate some of the distortion near the edges, where things were getting a bit stretched out.

In the subsequent work, one of the many things I did was to try and bring out the details on the troopers' dark outfits better. That included increasing the brightness and contrast generally, plus a lot of detail work on each individual. Trooper 5 needed special attention on his shield, where I eliminated a strong distracting glare along the edge, and I also toned down the brightness of the Umbrella motif and lettering.

In further regard to the lighting, strong light behind the team had caused quite a harsh glare over much of the ground, especially behind Vicky. That was really the biggest problem for me, bearing in mind that I wanted to make the picture a nice large size. I needed to restore some ground detail and tone down the white, to make things ok for this size. Took three tries before I was happy though! I also removed some junk which was on the ground, as I thought it looked too unsightly and a bit out of place (kind of suburban), plus it was a little distracting from the team. I just hope the photographer didn't add it there on purpose, or he might be angry with me for taking it away again!

Of course, Vicky got plenty of attention too. Among other things, I boosted the red of her dress and brought out shoe detail better (mostly by use of highlighting). The improved ground helped Vicky's appearance too, as there was no longer such a glare behind the legs.

It was an interesting picture to work on, and also quite an unusual and complex one for me as I normally only have one cosplayer to deal with, not six! But it was worth the effort, and it's a real pleasure to have an image of the lovely Vicky in my gallery. I think she's looking just fabulous with her gang of heavies - and it's gonna be a bad night for the zombies!
weki2926 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It look great! 
it helped Umbrella soldier more stand out from the photo and bring out all the detail of outfit.
haha~ we took it in ruins and it was too much junk that we couldn't clean them all.

thank you very much for the edit ~i really like it~ Heart 
MagicOfSnow Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
Glad you like it Vicky. Thanks again to you and your photographer for giving permission, and I'm glad it was ok to remove the junk!
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January 10, 2014
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