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Sari Croft wallpaper - 'Finn Fatale' (1920 x 1200) by MagicOfSnow Sari Croft wallpaper - 'Finn Fatale' (1920 x 1200) by MagicOfSnow
I figure that every good tomb raider needs at least one nice wallpaper dedicated to her, so here's an offering with compliments to Finland's Sari Croft, seen here looking just fabulous in June 2012. I used the Revisited image which I recently photoshopped for her (photo taken by her sister), and made the wallpaper 1920 x 1200 to fit my Mac (8:5 aspect ratio). It's quite a bright and colourful design for a wallpaper but I deliberately went for full-on impact rather than something subdued. I'll say a little about the photoshopping and design work.

The first thing was to select a good 16:10 area of the source image. For strong impact I focused on Sari's upper half rather than using her entire figure, but I made sure to get both pistols in the frame because the way she's holding them is a big part of the pose. Also, instead of just using the image as it was, I applied an effect to give Sari a stylized contrasty look. Specifically I used the Crosshatch filter which can be excellent for stylizing an image without making it too different.

At first I was just going to have the image alone, but then I decided to add Sari's name on the left. The 'Papyrus' font gave the letters a dynamic and jagged shape which I liked a lot, and I gave the text a rocky look which seemed just right for the tomb raiding theme. Eventually I settled on a colouring which transitions from green up to blue. Colour transitions are a great way to give lettering more visual appeal. Later I added the 'Finn Fatale' bit, a play on 'femme fatale' which partly alludes to our pistol-packing heroine's lethal nature.

As a playful finishing touch I added a miniature Sari doing a handstand on the S. That figure comes from her Ledge handstand picture but I tweaked it a little, making her braid dangle over the S and making her fingers look like they're coming down over the top of the S. I sure hope she knows what she's doing up there, because it's a long way down!

Well, there were lots of details and other things along the way, but to cut to the chase: hey presto, one Sari Croft wallpaper. Now let's just hope she likes it!
sariruoskanen Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Aaaaw well I do like it!! :aww: I'm so touched :heart: I love the ideas you have on this, the composition, the text, the mini me :D Thank you again :huggle:
MagicOfSnow Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
You're welcome - and thanks!
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April 8, 2013
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